"Revealing Her Jewel" and "The Curse of Eve": The Mistress Mimi Chronicles: Volume 2

by Siola Retsam

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Ruby is the ultimate submissive. She lives to serve Mistress Mimi's most pleasurable and cruelest whims, and there isn't a single aspect of her life she hasn't turned over to her Mistress.

In these two stories, fans of the Mistress Mimi Chronicles enjoy how the beautiful Ruby continues to reveal what life is like in Mistress Mimi's New York flat-turned-dungeon.

Revealing Her Jewel

Mistress Mimi lives to exploit one's deepest insecurities. When she finds out that Ruby is embarrassed by the large size of her "jewel down below," Mimi simply must ensure it would always be on display, and through a painfully slow procedure Ruby's "jewel" is permanently revealed to the world.

The Curse of Eve

Mistress Mimi revels in nature's deliciously painful, monthly female affliction, making Ruby perform extra abdominal exercises while suffering through her cramps, and her torment can only end if she manages to satisfy her fellow sub, the enormous, Mamba.

You're sure to love this second exciting and enticing volume of the Mistress Mimi Chronicles.

Note: If you have not yet read Volume 1, do not worry! The stories in this book are just as enjoyable all by themselves, and if you do like them, rest assured, there are many more Mistress Mimi Chronicles yet to come.