Letters From "The Life": Volume 3

by Siola Retsam

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My book, Sally the Sow: A Story From "The Life," continues to delight readers from all parts of the country, and here are three more letters from those inspired by her story of being taken to the very brink and beyond.

Covered in Cream

Carly has a fetish--she loves to see the moneyshot, and her fantasy is to be surrounded on all sides and be covered by multiple men's "happy endings." One day, she manages to make her wish come true!

Gabby Meets the Gang

Gabby is insatiable. She loves her boyfriend, but one man simply cannot satisfy her. Eventually, she "convinces" him to bring in other men, and they search high and low for good guys until they're able to have a giant one-time session of fantastic group fun.

Taking it to the Wrist

Shelly was adventurous in bed... VERY adventurous, and this made her boyfriend happy, VERY happy. However, one day, inspired by an exotic story she read, she goes way over the top to a place he refuses to follow. Can she convince him to go where no hand has gone before?