Doctor Punishment in Las Vegas

by Siola Retsam

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In his day job as a street-hardened cop, Rob is the quintessential manly man, but he has a big-time secret--he loves to be medically humiliated and let a woman take control in bed!

He looks forward to his annual physical with his normal (somewhat hot) primary care physician all year, but he never has the nerve to take things further.

This year, however, is different.

A strange, new (and VERY hot) female doctor examines him instead, and then, as punishment for a "bodily indiscretion" he couldn't help having, she has him come over to her house afterwards for a whole weekend's "special exam," where she introduces him to a whole new world of medical kink and domination in the freedom and privacy of her own home.

Rob's life changes completely, and he learns what it means to express his true nature as a submissive. But is he still man enough to do what it takes when the time comes to turn the tables?

This story recounts how Dr. Kim – "The Life"’s Doctor Punishment herself – met her beloved submissive, Rob, and became his dominatrix and wife. (Dr. Kim made her sultry debut in my earlier book entitled, simply, Doctor Punishment, but each story stands on its own and does not require reading any other book in the series.)