Letters From "The Life": Volume 6

by Siola Retsam

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Living together can be hard, but living with your Dom/me can be pure hell. For these three submissives hell is exactly what they've been begging for, but their Masters and Mistresses aren't sure it's such a good idea. Each of these letters confesses to some of the nastiest and degradingly cruel tests administered on a submissive. If you're not squirming as you're reading these letters, you might want to check your pulse!


Matty can't get enough of her Master's attention. Driven by her passion to be used by him, she begs to live at his feet. What she didn't expect was that she would be practically ignored to the point of painful neglect. The limits of her endurance are tested as she spends long hours confined in sensory deprivation where she discovers just how bad she wants to live under her Master's heel.


This submissive wants to discover the depths of her soul through the arts of pain and pleasure. Frank has taken her there so many times, but she wants it more often. To prove she can handle a life lived with her Dom, he puts her through a rigorous walk in the mall. Diapered, her bladder and bottom under heavy pressure, she rides the heights of ecstasy through humiliation and pain.


If high paid attorney Andrew wants to live with his dominatrix, he'll have to prove he can handle her cruelty—even at the office. Diapered, he is denied the basic human comforts of a toilet. And when his diapers are full, he must endure her dehumanizing changing just so he can go back to work.