AUCTION - NO Protection: Hailey obeys Doctor's orders

by Q. Zayne

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Wealthy men with secrets have special positions for Hailey... and a lot of men!
My car hit the gleaming sports car in front of me. The convertible looked green as money and my headlights created glare on the crumpled chrome bumper.
A tall man in an expensive trench coat unfolded from his crunched car. He looked me over as though I was something precious.
I had the strangest desire for him to take off his gloves and touch me. He had perceptive eyes and a mouth that could be cruel. I wanted him to kiss me until my lips bruised.
He handed me his card.
"This can be our secret." He glanced at my car. "I have enough insurance for both of us." His eyes gleamed. "Go to the website on the card and apply. My exclusive club is located on a private island. I think you'll suit us well, if you pass the physical. Are you all right to get home?" He handed me an umbrella.
"Yes. Yes, I am." I accepted the umbrella, not understanding why he gave it to me.
The stranger got in his car and took off. It began to pour. I opened the umbrella and looked at his card.

The Billionaires Club

This is a standalone futuristic dark fantasy novelette rated 18+ due to language, sexual content, BDSM, medical fetish, huge interracial menage and mature themes -- including older man younger woman romance with consequences! Contents may be triggering for some readers, Click buy and enjoy the scary-sexy show at The Billionaires Club!