Deadly Passion

by K.C. Rice

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Homicide Detective Sarah Knight has her hands full with a triple homicide. She has no extra time to deal with Special Agent, Detective Wil Mathews, who's been called in, against Sarah's will ,to help out in the case. He's tall, strong, sexy, and irritating as hell. Trying to keep her libido under control, Sarah finds herself struggle as she fights to solve the case before someone else dies while not giving in to the lust she has for a certain hot detective. As if that wasn't enough, Wil intercepts threats aimed at Sarah. Now she has to deal with her investigation, death threats, and a sexy irritating Wil Mathews as he is determined to help solve the case, protect her, and get her to give into her desires. When the death treats get too close and Sarah uses herself as a target, will Detective Wil Mathews get to her before it's too late?