by K.C. Rice

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Hunted….. On the Run….. Flying Bullets….. and Hot Passion…
Join Kaycee and Mason as their story continues in book three of The Tattered Series…
Upon identifying the leader of the art forgery ring, Kaycee, Alaia and Alex find themselves wanted by the NYPD. As questions are answered, many more arise…..In an attempt to elude the cops; Kaycee, Mason, Alex and Alaia split up, going in different directions with plans to meet up at a central location.
Coordinates found inside Alaia’s locket, leads them to Prince Edward Island, a small community northwest of Nova Scotia. It is there they receive the first revelation and a shocking surprise none of them expected. Soon they find themselves in Normandy, where it all began.

Alex and Alaia grow closer. And Mason is faced with one of his biggest fears, when Kaycee disappears.