The Gentlemen's Club, Vol. 3

by Erika Rhys

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Love. Danger. Revenge.

A ruthless killer
When the killer strikes and the identity of his victim turns their investigation upside down, Nick and Ilana’s world spins out of control. Who is behind the killings? With danger looming ever closer, who can they trust—and is their love strong enough to survive the forces that threaten to tear them apart?

A desperate strategy
With time running out, they devise a risky plan to flush out the killer. But when their plan backfires in an explosion of violence, will they survive the carnage?

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The Gentlemen’s Club is a steamy, suspenseful billionaire romance series with an HEA. Vol. 3 is the third and final part of this three-volume series, which is also available as a boxed set.

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What readers and reviewers say about The Gentlemen’s Club

“A well-written, action packed, and sexy read full of great chemistry and witty dialogue.”
—Pages Abound, book reviewer

“One of the great romances I’ve read in a very long time…a great feel good sexy read as you fall in love with the two main characters.”
—Vanessa W., reader

“Brilliant and definitely worth while reading…kept me enthralled and captivated throughout!”
—A.C., reader

—Cindy S., reader

“Smart, witty, and fun.”
—Felicia E., reader

“Sex, murder, intrigue, and twists that keep you hooked until the very last page!”
—K.C., reader

“Erika Rhys got it so right this time, even if you don’t live in New York City which I think is the other character in this book, so well portrayed I could taste it. The Plaza! Portia! Bitsy! Perfect New York characters…”
—Marlene D., reader