Autumn Falls

by Candice Gilmer

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Some loves cannot be forgotten, even if they don't work.

Book 2 in the Celestial Springs Salon Trilogy -- A Barrum, KS Book

Coming home isn't what Autumn Jones wanted to do, but when one no longer can afford the wanderlust, one has to go home.

But as soon as her wallet fills back up, she's gone again.

No strings on her, not now, not ever.

At least, that's what she thinks, until she runs into the one thing that always made her stumble.

Louie Castle. Now a police officer for Barrum, Louie upholds the laws for the city. Though bumping into Autumn immediately makes him want to forget the rules he'd pledged to uphold.

How did the red head get a hold of him so fast and so hard? Especially when he knows she'll be out of his life as quickly as she came back.

The last thing Autumn wants is to be a police officer's perfect little wife.

Even if it is for Louie.