Not A Gentleman's Christmas

by Candice Gilmer

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Not a Gentleman's Christmas
A Mythical Knights Holiday Story featuring the Reynolds Werewolves--cousins of the Drigan werewolves.

A gentleman would save her from her curse. He’s no gentleman.

Trapped by a djinn’s curse, Ruthie has spent the last seventy-five years unaging, never changing, in a box of recipes. This Christmas is her last chance to break the curse, or remain among the dusty papers and fading ink forever.

She assumes, when Lee opens the box, he’s there to help her escape the djinn’s magic. That's what a gentleman would do, after all.

Ruthie learns quickly that Lee is no gentleman, and his wolf-side is positively beastly.

And she might even like it.

~~~This book was originally available in A Very Alpha Christmas Anthology, it has been extended from the original version~~~