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During tumultuous times in Virginia 1860, shipping mogul Adrian Casimir, who is also known to those on the high seas as pirate Captain Bain Navarre, meets the young, saddened Farrah Devore. Farrah, the daughter of a recently widowed plantation owner, is heartbroken over the loss of her mother and struggling with her looming courtship to a man she does not want, Ethan Abrams. Before long, she finds herself feeling the first stirrings of womanhood for a man she barely knows—the dashing and very sexy Adrian Casimir, who immediately expresses his interest in courting her. However, there are those who will do anything to stand in their way—even those whom she calls family.
During a time in history when the nation is being torn apart by hatred, and brothers fight against brothers, can love conquer all no matter what the odds?

Historical Romance Historical Fiction
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Mixed-up feelings

by Che

I have to ask what historical year the story revolved in. The language used was somewhat a bit modern at times. You don;t use the word "yeah" in the 1860's. And you don;t insist on your freedom and voicing your own thoughts then, much less be with men without a chaperone especially if you came from an elite family as in the case of the Farrah. Much more you don;t buy dresses that can be worn instantly then - it was usually made to order because it is always custom made to the wearer. These are just some issues that I guess bothered me since it was said to be a historical romance.

Maybe its just me for I see 5-star ratings here, but as I've read a whole lot of historical romance with 1800 time setting - this has to be in the wrong time frame. I'm not usually onto details, but I guess it would be great if the author made a bit more research on it.

A fast paced read at that, adventurous and sensual, I guess the time frame really hit it one, making a much lower rate than the others who read it and rated it at 5-stars. When an author writes historical stories, it is best to research so as not to destroy the cohesion of the plot with the particular social norms at the time.

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