Guarding Her Secret: A Mythical Monster Shifter Story

by Candice Gilmer

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Guarding Her Secret -- The Mythicals, Book 2

When Reese gets asked to remind his ex-girlfriend that the world's taking notice of her appearances, he figures this will be easy--maybe she just didn't realize a team of investigative reporters had moved into River Ness, bound and determined to find the Loch Ness Monster.

Viona, however, is very aware they’re looking for her. And she couldn't be happier about it--tourism would go through the roof. When she shows her beastly side, the whole area benefits.

At least, until the lead investigator catches Nessie on film. Now it's up to Reese and Viona to smooth things over before things get out of hand.

And with as fast as the internet is, even Reese's magic may not be fast enough.

Also includes: Deal with a Sea Witch, a bonus short story featuring Cara Wallace (Saving Her Destiny) and Princess Abiageal, from the Merrow Kingdom.

(Previously published in the Taming The Monster Anthology)