Buying the Virgin

by Angela Blake

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Three high-end virgins for sale to the highest bidder. And three gorgeous billionaires with specific tastes, looking to buy...

The Virgin's Contract

I’ll have her. That red hair and sass. I’ll be her first.
And I’ll show her how it's really done.

Alexa was hot property at Madame Teresa’s. High end.
Her fiery red mane and Russian cheekbones left men gawking.
But her best asset was her treasure.
She had not yet given herself to any man.
What did she know of pleasure?
What could she possibly offer anyone?

I’m Dean Withers. One of a kind.
No one at Madame Teresa’s can figure me out.
A perfect suitor for any girl, with billions at my disposal and not bad on the eye.
But none have taken my fancy. Ever.
A hard man to please by any standard.
My tastes are very…specific.
Until that deep red mop of hair catches my eye.

I may have met my match in this untouched jewel.
And touch her is all I want to do.
Her neck. Her back. Between her thighs. Test her sensitivity.
See if she will do for my purpose.
I’m hard at the thought of giving her pleasure.
Of breaking through her…barriers.

The Virgin's Promise

The one with the emerald eyes. She’s got a fire in her. And I’m going to stoke it until it explodes.

Laurel West. Dark flowing hair and eyes the color of emeralds.
A unique beauty at La Boheme. The most precious of them all.
All she wants is to sign a contract with a generous patron.
Pay her debts. Get out of La Boheme.
And she’s willing to sell her best asset to the highest bidder.

I’m Collin Randal. British accent, handsome features, filthy rich.
A perfect suitor for any girl. No one at La Boheme can match me.
Until the brunette with the emerald eyes.
She’s got fire in her. I could see it on the stage.
I want that untouched beauty.

I will teach her, show her how I do things.
And she will be loyal to me, her patron.
She will sign on the dotted line and promise herself to me.
I’m going to enjoy unwrapping my new gift.
One layer at a time.

The Virgin's Arrangement

I’m inexperienced. And for sale.
But this billionaire bachelor might just make an offer I can’t refuse.

I’m Claudia Vaughn. Honey blonde hair and deep eyes.
The jewel of La Chambre de Plaisir.
An untouched flower.
No bidder has yet come close.
Their terms haven’t satisfied. Until now.
Until Archer Paisley. A shrewd lawyer from New York.
One of the best, as rich as they come.
And sexy as hell.
I think it’s time…time to sell my assets.

Three standalone's featuring HEAs with No Cliffhangers. Suitable for 18+ only.