Love Struck Bad Boys - 3 Novel Box Set

by Amber Burns

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This STEAMY box set of three novels is filled with hot scenes featuring the bad boys you love. The muscle bound, tattooed men within know what they want and what they want are the women they fall in love with the moment their eyes meet. Michel, Amos and Ryker will stop at nothing to win over the women of their dreams.

Love Struck Bad Boys contains three stand alone novels, each with hot and steamy scenes, a HEA and NO CLIFFHANGERS. The bad boy heroes are dark, sexy and sweet with big hearts and the drive to be the best men they can be.

The Heart of a Hero
After a botched raid in Afghanistan, ex-Army specialist Michel Deverroux returned to Galveston Texas with more baggage than intended. Without family, friends or money, Michel turned to drugs to relieve the horrors of war. He knew it was a dark path, but he saw no other choice. Michel was awash in a world of numbness and addiction until his estranged uncle Andy died, leaving Michel a run down beach front home and hefty inheritance.

With something to finally call his own in the world, a spark of hope returns to Michel's life; a spark which is ignited when he sees a somber, yet beautiful woman walking along the beach. Michel falls instantly in love with her and nicknames her his 'Mermaid'. Now determined to be a man that his new love would want to be with, Michel vows to turn his life around and win over his 'Mermaid', Annabelle. Overcoming the shadows of his past seems nearly impossible, but the drive to have Annabelle gives Michel the motivation to overcome his demons.

The Marine's Obsession
Sergeant Amos Fuller of the United States Marines returned to civilian life only a couple of years ago. Adjusting to the civvy way of life hasn't been easy for Amos and he's kept his shaved head, military body and plethora of ink. Despite his rough and rugged exterior, thoughts of marriage and family have begun circulating in Amos' head. Those thoughts only increase when he's pulled from his life in Atlanta to help his younger sister Iris plan for her wedding in Albany. However Amos can't seem to find the right girl to make those thoughts into reality, until he sees Vanna.

Vanna Sterling is an unassuming girl working in her siblings' store. While they take the lead in sales and dealing with clients, Vanna helps in the background; balancing books and building window displays. It's during one such display project that Amos spots Vanna working in the shop window. She isn't prepared for the tall, strong and tatted marine to enter her life and peruse her with an unbreakable determination to make her his wife.

The Rockstar's Obsession
Ryker McBride, bad boy lead guitarist and lead vocals for the Grammy award winning rock group Tense Finger, has found himself back in his old hometown of Orange Compass, New Jersey. As a favor to the man who took him in, Ryker and his band have agreed to play at his god daughter's birthday. While in Orange Compass, Ryker happens upon Astra Olsen, councilor at St. B&J prep school. The curvy red-headed beauty is instantly striking to Ryker, causing this bad boy rocker to fall hopelessly in love. Ryker must overcome his personal struggles and obligations between his band and their way of life and come to grips with the slower more predictable life he would live with his new love.