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Loose Cannon

Dani Stowe

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Bastion. He has a thing for superheroes and there’s no better real-life superhero than the smart and sexy Senator Gemma Jones. Not to mention, she has those steel-blue eyes that fit the superhero persona Bastion lusts for. But Senator Gemma Jones has a weakness—her kid brother, who's everybody’s pain in the ass. Luckily, Bastion is the oldest of three brothers, so he knows what it takes to turn boys into men. And it’s going to take three men to band together and save a superhero.

Hard and Heavy: Boom No. 2 for mature audiences.

Erotic Romance Contemporary Romance Chick Lit
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Loosely A Story

by S Lange

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

This book started out strong for me but within a few pages it went downhill from there. When Bastion firsts describes Gemma she comes across as a strong take-charge woman. One that is able to navigate the quagmire that is the political arena and be good at it. Once her younger brother pretty much crashes what is supposed to be a weapons show and tell the book goes from having potential to whiny banter and drivel.

Bastion “Badass” sounds like a great military leader when he first starts talking about his troops and the presentation he’s going to show Senator Gemma Jones. After a bit he ends up sounding like a caricature of what the author thinks sergeants in the military sounds like.

I kept reading hoping that the book would redeem itself and get better as it goes, it doesn’t. Gemma just comes across as a weak wishy washy insecure adolescent girl, instead of the strong super hero character Bastion first described.

Bastion is the oldest of three adoptive brothers that went through a very abusive childhood. He has turned his life around and is now the main emotional support of his brothers since their adoptive father has passed and their adoptive mother is in a nursing home. This fact is mentioned repeatedly throughout the book.

To be perfectly honest both characters were just as whiny just in different ways in this book. The sexual banter didn’t do a thing for me and their big moment was a meh for me. Then he does the typical guy thing when Gemma doesn’t do what he wants fast enough and goes and gets another woman to ease the ache while still talking about how much he’s into Gemma, while in another woman.

Not sure what the book was really about as it all came across a bit adolescent.