More Torment of Sally the Sow

by Siola Retsam

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When Sally was told by the Masters, Mistresses, and submissives of the local chapter of an elite BDSM sex club that they wanted to "bring her into the family," she had no idea what that would entail. She had her suspicions, but the reality proved to be a horror beyond her hottest fantasies. She was to be held on the cross or secured in the stocks and endure "The Dissuasion," a series of grueling physical and mental ordeals, to prove she was worthy of being one of them.

Master Phil, her cruel companion, watches in silence with cold eyes as she, his no-limits sub, willingly accepts the imaginative evils that no less than five Masters and Mistresses visit upon her. During the ordeal, Sally discovers the limits of her endurance under the rigors of the paddle, flog, and penetrative machine.

Can this big, beautiful woman take both the physical and mental strain as each cruel dom and dominatrix threaten everything from prolonged pain, to death, and worse? She is guided by her nature and motivated by her love for her Master, but will it be enough to prove she belongs with the elite?

This exciting follow up to The Torment of Sally the Sow will thrill both fans of the original story and new readers alike. You don't have to have read the first book to understand this one, but read it if you want to see how Sally first went from just a poor, local woman to willing plaything of the Palm Springs elite.