Hunter's Desire

by Meg Ripley

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Over the last few centuries, I've grown accustomed to getting exactly what I want.

Those who aren’t swayed by my good looks--or my reputation in bed--tend to be swayed by my eleven-digit bank account.

But not this one.

As a brilliant archaeologist, Claire Thomas has plans of her own for her time here in Sin City, but her tempting tourmaline eyes and gorgeous curves are fueling the fire that blazes within every fiber of my body.

Her pull over me is more than mere physical attraction, though. As much as she tries to hide it, she has a powerful gift--a gift that could spell the end of her life, if it’s discovered by other dragons.

I have two choices: I can betray my kind, or I can betray my heart.

But as I soar high above the clouds, the enchanting beauty stays with me, no matter how far I fly.