ESSENTIAL WISDOM- Personal Development and Soul Transformation

by Essential Wisdom


Essential Wisdom – Personal Development and Soul Transformation is a comprehensive collection of progressive ideas that inspire and challenge our readers to “awaken” to their true individual potentials, and helps them to see the world through a ‘new lens’ of previously unforeseen possibilities.

This new “Self Awareness” highlights a shift in how we see the different areas of our human life. We provide a group of 32 industry leading experts and coaches, today’s cutting edge thought leaders, each taking on a different area of human experience and character. For example, our book takes the reader on a journey of personal mastery in such areas as relationships, money, self-esteem, overcoming fears, communication, time management and many other transformative ways for the reader to achieve positive results and success in all areas that make up human life. Our readers will learn, in our 36 chapters, about many of the things that we experience on our journey from birth to death, both in and through each self-help chapter and also following our fictional story and character of Lucas Hamilton.

We are excited about the journey that our readers will take as they wind through the personal growth information from chapter to chapter, mirroring that of Lucas’ grand adventure and transformative soul searching journey. This dual transformation will leave the reader with a greater understanding of who they are and the way they see themselves, as well as the way they will see the world around them and their impact they will have on the world as they help others transform their lives too.