Naughty Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales Vol. 2

by Jacinta Laurenti

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A princess is shipwrecked. A duchess flees a vengeful prince. A queen is imprisoned. While their future seems bleak, an escape beckons for each one.

A capture becomes freedom.
A retreat reverts course.
While a freezing dank jail transforms into a luxurious prison.

But their surroundings are inconsequential because who cares about a wooden hut, a forest cottage or a mansion when a bandit queen, an enchantress and a sorceress bewitch, beguile and enthrall without saying a word, and remain aloof – until they aren’t.

Arousal leads to ecstasy, cravings are satisfied and yearning is fulfilled. Heated and passionate, Cinderella, Gretel and Carolin take what they want and give as much in return.

But everyone has a secret and when the truth peeks out, betrayal replaces trust and tension escalates. So, will the women get their happy ending?

The books in this bundle are:
Dazzled by Goldilocks
Beholden to Gretel
Mesmerized by The Queen