Beholden to Gretel: Naughty Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales

by Jacinta Laurenti

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She’s Gretel, Countess of Argarth, searching for her buried treasure. At her heels, is a prince intent on revenge because she bedded his wife. She also lay with his sister, but he’s not aware of that – yet. In front of her, hidden in the mountains shrouded in mist, is a witch seeking retribution for her sister’s death. And between the two is Ines, a stunning enchantress who saves the countess, and accompanies her on the final stage of her journey.

But this is no platonic partnership. The women share an intense hunger, and waves of insatiable lust ripple between the two as their cravings overwhelm them in the middle of an ancient forest.

But while Ines’ magic powers are diminished, her expertise in the bedchamber is anything but. In fact, it’s undeniably wicked – she is a witch after all.

While blurred memories hover just out of reach, the women, who are both lovers and strangers, hide secrets and carry guilt from long ago, as they attempt to unravel a mystery and a curse.