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Conquer the Entrepreneur's Krptonite

James Woosley

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This is a book for people with ideas.

Do you make plans that never get implemented? Are they overly complicated and fail because you simply can't stop planning until it’s perfect? Or do you refuse to plan because you care only about getting things done, but end up failing and causing chaos for those closest to you (spouse, partners, teammates, etc.)? Do you end up reworking projects instead of accomplishing your goals?

Let's find the happy middle ground—the sweet spot that combines planning and action! It's sure to be more than scribbles on a napkin, but far less than an overstuffed binder.

What is it that you want to achieve? Whatever it is, it’s not going to be easy. Not if it’s something BIG worth doing right.

But it can be made easier, and in doing so, make it look like it was easy to anyone who didn’t see the blood and sweat you poured into your idea. Let’s get to work!

Business Advice and How-To General Nonfiction
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