FEAR OF MALICE *Coming January 1, 2018. Now available for pre-order.

by Karen Fenech

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From USA Today Bestselling Author Karen Fenech comes Book 2 of 2 in her Malice Series following "Breath of Malice".

[BREATH OF MALICE] "Mixing suspenseful twists and turns and budding romance, Fenech takes the reader on a wild ride that will thrill excitement-seekers and love-story addicts alike." --Booklist

FEAR OF MALICE (Malice Series Book 2 of 2)

Her capture by serial killer Todd Thames six months earlier has left FBI Special Agent Paige Carson with a permanent physical injury that severely impairs her ability to function in the field. While Paige is battling fears of losing all she has come to hold dear in the new life she has made with her squad and with Sam, her boss and the man she loves, she and Sam investigate a murder that fellow agent Riley has been arrested for committing.

Special Agent in Charge Sam McKade feels a helplessness he's never known before as all he can do is watch Paige struggle to pick up the pieces of her shattered career--a career that his superiors believe would now be better suited behind a desk. Sam is in a fight to keep Paige in his small squad and in his life. When Riley is arrested it's the last thing Sam needs, but all is not as it seems. Sam discovers that this recent homicide is linked to the eight-year-old murder of former Special Agent in Charge Martin Hendershot. The unsolved murder of Sam's predecessor has long weighed on Sam and he will not rest until the killer is apprehended.

As the investigation intensifies, Paige and Sam learn that the killer has chosen another target--and time is running out before he kills again.