by Jillian Quinn

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When hockey fans hear the name Alex Parker, they should think of the best defenseman in the NHL and my penalty kill record. Instead, they think of women and scandals. I have no shortage of puck bunnies throwing themselves at me. Too bad I chose the wrong one—the team owner’s granddaughter. So, they sent me packing to Philadelphia to play for the Flyers, one of the worst teams in the league. I wasn’t ready to start over, not after I was so close to the Stanley Cup.

My agent wants me to clean up my act. She says I drink too much. I sleep around too much. I never expected her to be my biggest weakness. I never thought she’d be the one who would make me a better man. But she has rules about dating clients. Good thing I like breaking them.

Parker is a standalone novel with a HEA and the first book in the international bestselling Face-Off Series.