by Jillian Quinn

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When people hear the name Tyler Kane, they think of the captain of the Philadelphia Flyers who outscores all the centers in the league and can get any girl he wants. And they are right. Except the woman I want is off-limits and a constant reminder of the past. But everything changes after I meet a feisty sports reporter that challenges me at every turn.

I should leave her alone and spare her the drama that comes with my life outside the rink. But I can’t keep my hands off her. So, we make a deal. She wants an exclusive interview that could expose my secrets to the world, and I have every intention for it to end with her in my bed. But I didn’t think the quirky blonde who writes about hockey players and their big sticks would be the one to hit me the hardest.

Kane is a full-length standalone novel with a HEA and the second book in the international bestselling Face-Off Series.