by Jillian Quinn

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I'm the man-of-honor in the most anticipated sports wedding of the year.
That’s what they call the male version of a maid-of-honor.
I had to Google it.

Now, I have a problem. I need a date.
But my best friend, who is also the bride-to-be, keeps scaring them away.
Then, I finally meet a girl who can hang.
Or so I think.

She’s hockey royalty and has a rule about dating players.
But I’m a gamer, a geek to the core.
We bond over video games and comic books.
Until I let the one thing we both love get in the way.
But Regan will be my date to the wedding.
No matter how much convincing it takes to get her there.

Jameson is a full-length standalone novel with a HEA and the fourth book in the international bestselling Face-Off Series.