Called From Beyond - The Spirit Guide

by Caroline Clark

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A Non-believer, a terrible accident, a stupid mistake. Is Mark going mad or was his girlfriend Called From Beyond? Find out for FREE on Kindle Unlimited.
When Mark lost his girlfriend, Alissa, in a road accident he wishes he could have died in her place. All he wants is the chance to say he is sorry. To speak to her one more time and to explain how much he loved her.
He never believed in ghosts but after an overheard conversation he buys an Ouija board and calls to Alissa late one night.
Grief is replaced by a sense of wrong. Disturbed sleep, footsteps in the night and inexplicable messages all make him doubt his sanity. Is someone watching him, playing with him, or did she come back?
Every day he sees more messages, more proof that she is here. When she asks him to join her he doubts his own sanity. Is it the drink, survivor’s guilt, or is something more ominous waiting for a chance to strike.
Gail and Jesse have their own guilt to bear. If only they had insisted the couple stayed the night. Now Jesse is trying to ease Mark’s pain by explaining that death is not the end. But even he can’t fathom how bad things are and just what evil is waiting for them.
Will Mark be sucked into the dark abyss and taken or will he wake up in time and send away his love to save his own life?
Find out in this exciting and fast paced ghost story that will have you reading until late in the night. Just remember to keep the lights on.