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The Goz: Humans Are Prey

Shane McRory

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Humans become prey.

It spreads like an infection; whoever it kisses becomes … distorted. Twisting, transforming into something ugly and terrifying, black heart beating with ravenous predatory lust ...

In this episode: Private Military Contractor, Dane Shockley, is sent home after a strange enemy contact in Darfur. Home with his wife, he adjusts to suburban life again. At the fringes though, there are gruesome signs that something is coming ...

Back in Darfur a man is changing. Who he used to be is now a pale glimmer on a distant horizon; the sun setting on a life he can’t remember. Poked and prodded, studied and confined, his transformation grows until he can’t be contained. He knows there are others …

Four years ago, a violent event on Dane’s home soil changed his life forever. Now he’s saddled with a debt he’s obligated to pay. It forces him out of his home, taking dangerous jobs anywhere in the world there is conflict; and for the right amount, even back to Darfur ...

Bite-size survival horror episodes. 25,000 words. Intense, graphic, not for the faint of heart.

General Science Fiction General Horror General Thrillers
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