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Sweet Revenge: Funny Culinary Cozy Mystery Series

Morgana Best

4.2 Stars
From 3 Reviews

A fun cozy culinary mystery - with chocolate!
This is a humorous, fun book - don't take as dietary advice!
Narel Myers was given the ironic name Cocoa Narel by the cruel popular kids in high school, as she was far from elegant and was obsessed with chocolate. The truth of the matter was that her love of eating chocolate had caused her to become excessively overweight. Some years later, a car wreck leads to her undergoing extensive plastic surgery on her face and body. Now that she is medically unable to gain weight, she decides to indulge her love for chocolate by opening a designer chocolate shop.
When people who bullied her at high school are murdered one by one, she becomes the prime suspect. Will she be able to prove her innocence when the police think she’s out for revenge? Will Carl, her best friend, stop flirting with the police long enough to help her find the real killer?
Sweet Revenge is Book 1 in a fun cozy culinary mystery series.
Book 2: The Sugar Hit
Book 3: Murder Sweetly Served
Book 4: Chocolate to Die For

Dark comedy
Cozy animal mystery
Cozy culinary mystery

Cozy Mysteries
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Verified ARC Reader

kind of crazy

by Ashley Magruder

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review... Sweet revenge is a very funny and kind of cozy book that you would want to read when you need a pick-me-up... it's not nice when people bully you for your weight just because you have an obsession with chocolate I mean chocolate is the best thing in the world next to Pizza... I think that this book is hilarious and also dramatic... Now it has its horrific moments in it because of all the murdering that is going on and we don't know who it is... And of course I'm not going to tell you that's not fair you have to read the book for that bit of information... I just like this book all together and I can't wait for the next one to come out so I can read it...

Verified ARC Reader


by Abby

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Sweet Revenge was an okay read, involving a serial killer and a woman who’d recently had reconstruction surgery after an accident, and happened to be chocolate obsessed.

I liked the yarn-whiteboard plotting, and I didn’t see the murderer coming.

I thought Narel’s chocolate obsession was too much, and that all the characters were rather vapid and 2-D. Very stereotypical.

Overall, I sort of liked this, but more could have been done with this. 3 stars.

Verified ARC Reader

Sweet Revenge was a funny mystery with great characters

by BeckySue1313

If you need a good book to read, here you go. I absolutely loved this book. The characters were funny and quirky as well as believable. And the plot! Twists that were out of left field and crazy people galore that made you cringe but yet laugh at them all at the same time! Can't wait for the next in this series. This held my attention with it's funny characters and who done it plot. Wonderful book to read.