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Stepbrother Studs: Vaughn

Selena Kitt

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Charlie’s stepbrother, Vaughn, is a player, in more ways than one. He owns a record store (actual vinyl!), tours with his band, Slacker, on occasion and has more one-night-stands than Bedrooms R Us. She knows he’s going to be quite a catch for some girl one day—his piercing blue eyes could drop a girl’s panties at a hundred yards. She’s seen it happen—literally—when he’s on stage.

Not that she could blame any girl for wanting him. Because she wants him, too. But she knows Vaughn would never cross the taboo divide between them—at least, not without a push.

Her job as a medical researcher, where her company is looking for a cure to impotence, gives her just the opening she needs—Charlie offers her stepbrother $500 to watch porn, while she observes. It’s for science, after all—and maybe, just maybe, she can break down his defenses enough to push him over the edge into the forbidden zone, where the two of them can finally get a taste of the illicit that they’ve wanted all along.

Erotic Romance New Adult Romance Short Erotica
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