Stories of Punishment: 13 Tales of Dominance and Submission (M/f)

by Xandra Owens

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"I didn't know you were like this," she said. She had closed her eyes and hanged her head.
"Oh, my darling," he said and laughed. "You knew exactly what I'm like. You wouldn't be in my car if you didn't. You're an adult. You even have a new big girl job. You could have stopped anything tonight. You could have worn freaking underwear all week. You could have stopped any of our texts, our talks, and those looks you sent from across the hallway. You've loved me from our first conversation. And you only love men who hurt you." He smiled. "You knew exactly what I was months ago."
"Then why didn't you fire me, if you knew I had a crush on you?" she said.
"You were never going to last," he said. "You were too good, too gorgeous, and too stuck up to stay at a dump like this. I knew I'd have you naked in a bed in a year."
"How can you say that so calmly?" she said. "You've seen my LinkedIn profile, you've met my mother, you're twice as old as I am. You're lying out your ass. You couldn't have possibly thought you'd seduce me."
He patted her leg. "I'm going to give you a pass for your attitude tonight because this is an important conversation," he said. "The big bad world spins on money, sweetheart. If I didn't give you a job, someone else would have. You have to eat and sleep, and someone has to pay for that. But that doesn't change that you're more freaking sexually charged than anyone who's walked into my office. Jesus H, you're an adult. What did you think was going to happen? You dangle a syringe in front of a junkie, and you think he won't pounce? Wake up, kiddo.
“Sex is real. Morals are manufactured. LinkedIn is an artist's rendering of our world. In the real world, full of shit and waste, serial killers don't wear suits. Humans take what we want. I want you.
“Now say another word before we get home, and I'll duct tape your head to my waist and stuff that mouth of yours with cock for the rest of the ride."

----------------- End Excerpt --------------------

In each story, the man and woman change, but their spirits do not.

SHE is precocious in everything from sex and seduction to professionalism and politics.

HE is much too old for her — and much too old for anyone to call him "precocious."

Yet they meet — through work, school, church, or close encounters of the "kidnapping" kind.

SHE has something HE wants. The only question she has to ask herself is, "Doesn't SHE want the same thing, too?"

"Stories of Punishment" takes you through 13 regular chapters and a 14th BONUS CHAPTER of seductive, submissive, stolen trysts. In each story the male-dominant and female-submissive characters are born of fantasy (please note none of these stories are true) and destined to play out their darkest desires.

Join 14 couples for rough BDSM role play, plenty of punishments, and a clever spirit of domination that goes beyond spanking and scolding for a more sadistically particular meting out of humiliation. (Don't worry. There's spanking too. ;) )

Download "Stories of Punishment" now for access to 14 stories that will make you put the book down before you finish, so you can finish. Read alone, or read with your significant other. Read when you have alone time in your house with your drink of choice and an open mind. Read when you want to escape.

Because you *can* escape.

SHE can't.

"Stories of Punishment" are LGBTQ friendly but written for and from the heterosexual, M/f mind.