Grunt and Grind

by Angela Blake

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I went to a bar to blow off steam.
But I ended up getting bl*wn instead.

There I was trying to blend in. Let my hair down after a heap of study.
And these two appear. Luke and Travis.
Truckies. Cowboys.
Loaded and packing in more ways than one.
Both had bodies built like tanks. Both with massive rods.
It all happened so fast.
Their kisses roaming across my body.
Their soft lips pressing on every inch of my skin.
I opened myself up for them to take.
Time faded into nothing.
Their muscle grinding against me.
Switching places. Everywhere, flesh.
I was drowning in the attention.
Howling, moaning.
No time to think. No space to breath. Only pleasure. Ecstasy.
But would once be enough?
Now I had a taste. A taste of two. Was there any going back?
“From now on, little girl, you are our sl*t.” They said.
And I liked it.

**Book Two: An MFM ménage romance. No cliffhangers. Very mature themes. WARNING: EXTREMELY HOT. And a HEA.**