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My Billionaire Boss's Baby

Meghan Astor

4.0 Stars
From 2 Reviews

Jason was always inspired to follow his passions. Music, Fashion, Art and creating his true family

Never once thinking that a young 21 year old single barely touched omega like himself could get pregnant, he embarks on a self discovery journey with a stunning toned and incredibly well heeled 45 year old Alpha Rock Star and his boss Seth.

Seth the Billionaire Alpha with strings attached

Seth had a contract to fulfill meant keeping secrets close to his chest or else, take a chance and lose it all. But when he falls for the young loving omega, he rethinks what is most important to him even if it meant losing everything he has worked for over the years including his die hard fans....

The Billionaire boss’s baby features a hot rock star, love making and of course a guaranteed Happily Ever After HEA

LGBT LGBT Romance Romantic Suspense
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Verified ARC Reader


by Ashley Magruder

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review... the billionaire boss's baby is a cute but sweet book in my opinion... Of course it did have those sexual moments in there... What book like this wouldn't have those moments so... male pregnancies always fantasizes me when I read them... I think it's cool how they can get pregnant but in real life they can't but of course us females wish they could just to feel the pain... This storyline was fantastic and spectacular... The characters was also spectacular and very loving but also hardcore... I'm going to recommend this book to my friends...

Verified ARC Reader

Rock Star & Omega

by Esther A

I really like the premise and the story itself, I just feel that the execution was a bit off. You have a good storyline and good characters but the flow of the writing just wasn't there. That being said, I did enjoy the characters, Seth and Jason, and I will definitely be looking for more from Meghan Astor.
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.