Curvy Seduction: Explosion: A Curvy Love Serial - Part Six

by Aidy Award

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Curvy girls deserve to have
their story told too...

Angelina and Gray are finally ready to open their club, Devils and Angels. But, not only is someone sabotaging the construction, but Gray is doing everything he can to distance himself from any ownership, of the club and Angelina.
He says it's for her own protection.
Angelina won't let that happen.
She's hatched a plan to not only to get Gray to marry her, she intends on collaring him too.
A Domme collaring her Dom.
Yeah, she's ready to double down on her commitment to him, the club, and their kinky lifestyle.
Too bad their old frenemy, Foster Bennet, has other plans, that could end not only Angel's dreams but, the lives of those she loves. He’s got an old vendetta and knows the best way to destroy Gray is by hurting Angelina.

Curvy Seduction: Explosion is the finale in a six-part serial telling the story of Latina BBW and curvy girl extraordinaire, Angelina, also known as the present-day owner of Devils and Angels, the BDSM club from the Curvy Love series.
Each part has a full story, but will leave you wanting oh, so much more from this tempting couple.
You'll have lots of fun getting more of Gray and Angel's story in each part of this curvy seduction.