Masked Nights: Seduced by my Billionaire Stepbrother by Kenzie Haven on Booksprout

Masked Nights: Seduced by my Billionaire Stepbrother

Kenzie Haven

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Midnight Haze. It's the city's sexiest, most taboo night club, and my friend has dragged me along for an evening of good, old-fashioned hedonism. But while she's off scratching an itch, I'm swimming in a sea of masked faces all dying for a taste.

A taste of me. A taste of each other. I am their fresh meat, their prey. And I feel helpless in the tide of their desire.

My one anchor is a stranger I know all too well. A man as forbidden as Eden's fruit. He calls to me from behind a mask, but I know what lurks behind it: my billionaire stepbrother, Dale.

Can I resist his call, or will the hot, sweltering darkness claim us both?

Erotic Romance
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