A Love Like War

by Erin Trejo

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"A Love Like War is one brilliantly-written, highly entertaining page-turner!
Readers will be enthralled from the first page. Talented writer Erin Trejo delivers breathless moments of exciting suspense, fast-paced action, scorching sexual chemistry, hot romance scenes, along with a gripping plot full of surprises. Fans will not want to miss this superb, winning novel from one of the genre’s favorite authors."
- NY Literary Magazine

Nash Lamont Kingston: I knew what I wanted from a young age. Born a piece of trailer trash, I had bigger dreams. I wanted it all. I wanted to run the drugs that keep Miami hot. I would become the King one way or another. Sadie was the girl that I loved. I couldn't commit to her though. I was far too gone for that, but when her life is put in the line of fire, I'm forced to choose between her and the empire I've built. The choice wasn't any easy one to make and when I do, I may be shoving her into the arms of one of my best friends.