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Cold Blood

by Cynthia Rayne


Justice is a former Navy SEAL with a horrific secret. While he didn’t give “the last full measure of devotion” to his country, he came damn close to it. Justice might talk a good game, but his blood turns cold when he remembers the past. Every evening, the nightmares take him right back to Afghanistan. The only thing that brings him any satisfaction is a little weed and meting out his unique brand of justice on behalf of the Four Horsemen MC. But what happens when he freezes in the middle of a sticky situation, and the bikers bust his rank?

Etta May Jameson is a social worker, and she’s seen more than her fair share of pain and heartbreak in this life. Like Justice, she’s concealing a painful secret from her past, one that keeps her up at night. But she can’t resist helping someone, even if he a rough and tough biker who’s more stubborn than a mule. Etta May finds her professional boundaries crumbling when it comes to the wounded biker. Will they come to terms with their own war wounds? And can they find a future together?