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Fae Wolf

Emma Alisyn

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A beautiful, cursed Fae. Her forbidden Alpha mate. A shadow wolf threatening them all….

Pasha became Lord of her people at a young age, wresting control of the territory from a grandmother gone mad from the use of dark blood magic. In an attempt to contain a curse caused by the madness, she erected a magical ward that trapped her people, both human and Fae, in the valley forever….

Ahman hunted for his lost mate, the young Fae girl who visited his home when they were teenagers, for years. His brother the Wolf Prince’s right hand enforcer, Ahman left off the search in order to track the missing soul of a dark wolf sorcerer… and the trail led him right to the shrouded valley of a beautiful, powerful Fae sorceress….

To be together they must capture and contain the shadow wolf as well as break the curse on Pasha’s people.

This is a paranormal werewolf shifter Fae romance novella, suitable for readers who enjoy steamy love scenes, alpha males and happily ever afters. Set in the Mates of the Fae world, this is meant as a one hour, relaxing read.

For a steamy, fast paced romance, download now. Also available in this series: Fae Spark: Mates of the Fae, Book 1

Paranormal Romance Sci-fi Romance Contemporary Romance
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