Ride Me Away: Satan's Savior's MC

by Jamie Fuchs

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Will she allow her own desires to get in the way of the investigation? Or will she bring down Jag, the very man who set her free?

Anna, the bad-ass undercover agent, is no doubt the best on the force. With her stunning looks and devious mind, she can easily manipulate any man into revealing to her whatever she needs to know. When a tough case from LA gets called in, there's no question about who it will be given to.

Armed with nothing but her confidence and sparse intel, Anna begins her investigation with Jag, the second in command of The Satan's Saviors Motorcycle Club. He's highly respected and handsome enough that keeping an eye on him won't be too tough.

When he starts to take a liking to her, she seizes the opportunity to get close to him. The problem is that her methods of gaining trust fall under "strictly prohibited" in the handbook, and for good reason. Anna is about to learn a hard lesson on following the rules.