Hot Renovations

by kristen kelly

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Warning: this book contains explicit sexual content and cursing.
If someone told me six months ago, I would be visiting a cave one hundred and fifty-six feet underground in the pitch dark and that the journey would change my life forever, I would have bet odds on my having a panic attack and possibly not living through the experience.
Add a hot sexy stranger to the mix and the fact I wanted to rip his clothes off the minute I laid eyes on him … and nearly did … in the middle of a public tour, I'd say you were certifiably insane.
The hard brush of his lips and the way he's packed into those tight mouth-watering trousers, set my mind racing out of control.
It's just sex though. Raw. Carnal. Bone-melting sex.
That voice. It drives me crazy. A few choice words spoken in that deep Southern drawl, and currents of electricity sizzle up my spine. In a single kiss, he's brought me to my knees. Literally.
As the most sought after house reconstruction designer in all of Albany NY, Sam lives 11,000 miles away and that is the way I like it. I retain complete control in this relationship. No expectations. No ties. A contract with my very own escape clause.
Only one problem.
My heart never signed on the dotted line however.