His to Own

by Ava Sinclair

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When I auctioned my virginity away, I expected a billionaire to place the winning bid.

Instead, I got a soldier determined to get his money's worth.

There's a reason Atticus Noble bid for me. A terrible reason. My life is in danger from forces I never knew existed, forces that would kill me if they could.

With Atticus, I am safe, but even as he seeks to protect me, I know I must fulfill my side of the bargain. I'm his to own, the trembling virgin who faces being claimed by the stern, dominant man about to put his sexual stamp on me forever.

Can I handle what I've gotten myself into? Can I handle him?

This is the third standalone book in the "Completely His" series.

**Please note that this book contains elements of dubious consent, spanking, and graphic sex. Do not download if these themes offend you**