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Sweeter Pleasures

Lyssa Cole

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I thought I had it all. The perfect man. The perfect life. The perfect everything. Until he left me on our honeymoon. My perfect life changed in the blink of an eye. I didn't need a man. Getting laid whenever I wanted with no strings attached was better than a complicated relationship.

But my hate for men soon changed the day Drake strolled into my bakery. All muscles and ink, with a sexy, charming personality, and a handsome face...That was it - I was done for.

Love complicates everything... but can it be the sweetest pleasure there is?

Will Drake be able to show me the love I need but don't want?

**Steamy, explicit sex. 18+ recommended.

Standalone full length novel not part of a series

Cover by Amanda Walker Designs

Contemporary Romance General Romance Women's Fiction
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