Modess Wilder, Alpha of the Blood Lust pack, hates just about everything and everyone. Right now, the thing he hates most is being in Shadow Wolf territory listening to the offer of exchange from the Shadow Wolf Alpha. A fierce and violent Alpha, Modess, has ensured that his pack has everything it needs. There is nothing Shadow Wolf can offer the mighty Blood Lust pack that it doesn’t already have.

Hillary Walters is just trying to skate by as a non-essential member of her Shadow Wolf pack. She’s bought her way out of servitude to the pack males by making herself useful in the kitchen. When the vicious Alpha of the Blood Lust pack arrives, Hillary’s directive is simple. Feed the visiting Alpha and his men. Summoned to her Alpha’s quarters, she is startled to find her bags packed. Her Alpha is sending her back with the Blood Lust shifters.

When he stated his demands in exchange for his enforcers teaching the Shadow Wolves to fight, Modess wasn’t expecting the excellent Shadow Wolf cook he’d requested to be female. Determined to ignore his instant attraction to the woman, Modess intends to keep her busy in the kitchen and far away from his bed. But, with her beauty and her talent, Hillary is damn close to finding a way to the dominant Alpha’s heart.