Isabelle Stiffarm is going home. With one bag full of clothes, one heart full of regret, and one failed relationship under her belt, she vows to never seek love on-line again. Sure her ego took a beating, but it was nothing compared to what her on-line love did to her body. Refusing to become broken by the abuse she’s endured, Isabelle is determined to get back to Montana and get back to living. Hitching home, chance intervenes both figuratively and literally. A winter storm coupled with road closures leaves her holed up in a quaint cabin with what she at first thinks is a snarly loner. Sexy as sin, Chance, treats Isabelle better than any man ever has. He may be a loner, but he’s also a caretaker and his attention compassion have Isabelle struggling to remember why she’s sworn off men.

Predator hunter and shifter, Chance Howlett, doesn’t have it in him to ignore the shivering female hitchhiking on the highway in the midst of a Montana blizzard. Reluctantly, he picks her up and instantly knows something is off. His inner beast is raging at him to care for her, but he can’t get attached. Isabelle’s going home and he has no intentions of stopping her.

When Isabelle’s ex-boyfriend comes for her, Chance makes a decision that leaves him having to do something he’s never done. He has to tell a human what he really is and hope that Isabelle won’t run like everyone else.

***WARNING***: This book contains an explicit rape scene that may not be suitable for all readers.
Reader discretion is advised.