Stripping Her Defenses

by Amanda Adams

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Regret is a strange thing…sometimes it drops a man to his knees. But sometimes it’s more like a slow drip poison. I’ve only ever regretted two things in my life. Walking away from her was one of them...

Duty? Honor? Love? After ten years in the military, they all mean nothing to Daniel, nothing but pain. He's home now, but war—and the secrets that followed him—hold him in an unrelenting grip. It’s dangerous to fall in love, dangerous to believe the past will stay buried where it can’t hurt the people around him, where it can’t hurt her.

But one look at Chloe and all he's determined to strip every single one of her defenses and win back her heart. He'll use any means necessary to seduce her. And when the past comes calling, he’ll stop at nothing to protect her. Because when he's on a mission, he always gets his mark.

Secret Maneuvers -- an exciting new series: A mission gone wrong. Betrayal. Lies. Secrets they will keep, not matter the cost. These heroes are coming home from war, but some secrets refuse to remain hidden, and sometimes, the only way to truly be free is to risk it all.