Serving: Curvy Submissive & Older Dom

by Q. Zayne

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Cleo struggles with her feelings for her Master as Marcus explores and trains her. The island's secrets lure her into danger.
Note: Many erotic books contain immediate and frequent sex scenes with no heart connection. This isn't that kind of book. If you enjoy BDSM focused on a woman's pleasure and male dominance within a relationship and a character-driven story, welcome to Submission Island!

Digging deep in a suitcase pocket, I withdrew a camouflage scarf like a magic trick. You never knew when you might want to do a military scene, or need a blindfold or gag. Bandannas had so many uses. I tied it around my neck with a quick-release knot, envisioning whipping it across the attacker’s eyes to confuse him, knocking him down, and tying his hands behind his back. Implausible, but I was excited. I’d never envisioned myself as an action heroine before. They were always so thin.

Submission Island is an erotic BDSM serial for readers 18+. It features romantic suspense and ancient secrets. Half-Egyptian Cleo is 28 and surrendering to her first Master. Brief passages concerning past violence and death may be disturbing for some readers. Serving is the 4th episode of the serial. It's a special novella-length episode. The events of the episode resolve, and the story concludes in Sacrifices. For greatest pleasure, read episodes 1-3 before this one.