Secrets: Curvy Submissive & Older Dom

by Q. Zayne

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Romance and danger at a Caribbean sadomasochism resort for the ultra-wealthy.
She wants more than spankings from the hottest man to ever lay hands on her.
Curvy Cleo faces love's quicksand as her master awakens more of her desires. Marcus fights his past and tests her submission. Cleo's Egyptian blood and her bond with an ancient sacrificial victim attract an enemy.

Secrets includes detailed BDSM and intimate sex scenes. It's for readers who enjoy erotic fiction with characters who have inner lives and a heart connection. It focuses on a 28 year-old woman's erotic pleasure and growing love with a dominant man. Readers seeking books with non-stop sex or who don't care for introspective heroines won't be happy here. If you're interested in sadomasochism and love based on experience, you've reached the right island.

He whipped me as I danced. Soft lashes like rain delivered with perfect control.
“Good, beautiful.” He held the whip at rest, his breathing moving though his powerful body. “Show me with your body if you want more, and where you want it. Speak to me with your flesh, Cleo. Dance for me.”
I danced, exposing myself, giving him my longing, offering all the tender zones of my being for his whip, his pleasure.

If you enjoy character-driven erotic fiction, BBW & alpha love, or hot romance with supernatural suspense, you'll love Q. Zayne's new BDSM serial. Each episode has its own resolution and the story continues. Submission Island books are for discerning women and men over 18.
No: virgins, pregnancy, name calling, abuse. Yes: passion, suspense, spanking, whipping, male dominance, tough and tender alpha, heroine with self-respect, true love.
Welcome to Submission Island.