Mechanics: Curvy Lin's Suprise Lube Job

by Q. Zayne

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This is explicit erotica for women and discerning men. It’s a dirty book. ~ Imagine taking your car to the shop and finding out you just came home to the place you belong. And the hunky men there share your secret fantasies.
Curvy Lin has a crap job and a lonely life in a too-small town. All of that changes when she meets the older, tattooed owner of the auto shop and his buff mechanics.

The men loosened the ropes and turned me over. I took deep breaths, watching their excited faces. They were all hot for me.

BTW, there’s nothing rapey or violent in here. Some of my stories get more rough. This one includes intense sexual surrender to an older alpha, foreplay, sweetness, and lots of lube.;) There’s bondage and mild BDSM, all of it consensual and pleasurable for Lin, the way I like mine. :)
This book is for discerning mature adults over 18. All characters are legal adults. Not advised for sensitive readers, or anyone prone to being offended or triggered by fiction. Contains BDSM, bad boys, alpha dominance, a hard and unprotected first time, instalove impregnation, sharing, interracial group action, a job offer that includes sex, and an age gap relationship. There’s no name-calling or abuse, although there is intense power play and kink. The intense, unprotected multiple use activities are fantasy only. This is erotica, not a how-to book. The fiction has no bearing on actual people or this fine profession. The author does not condone sexually auditioning potential employees. Anyone unclear on the difference between fantasy and reality shouldn’t read this.

This is a complete standalone novelette with no cliffhanger. It’s wicked three-on-one erotica with scary-hot moments—and a romantic connection—to make you squirm in all the right ways.

There are bonus previews of two of my other books in this edition.
Adventurous readers, let’s go for a lube job.