by Aria Chase

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Wolf shifter Orion knows primary duty is to his pack.
But how can he focus on work—or anything else for that matter—when he can't take his eyes off his curvy assistant?

Orion enjoys his life in the city, but knows one day soon he’ll have return to Evergreen Island to take his place as a Beta of the Sundown Pack. Until then, he’s determined to focus on work. That is, if he can keep himself from being distracted by the luscious curves on his assistant Natalie.

Natalie knows nothing about Orion’s wolf-shifter status, and she provides a tempting escape from his duty to the pack. Still, Orion manages to maintain his professionalism. He may not be able to keep his mind off Natalie, but at least he can manage to keep his hands off her.

But when Natalie witnesses a murder and the police believe she might be in danger, Orion sees no other option but to take to his house to keep her safe. Now that Natalie is living under his roof, it’s inevitable that she’ll get under his skin—and into his bed.

But the sparks of physical attraction flying between them are one thing. Expecting Natalie to accept his true identity? That’s another thing entirely.

And the fact that Orion is a wolf shifter? That might be the only thing the ever-capable Natalie just can’t handle.

***Fans of Milly Taiden, T.S. Joyce and Terry Bolryder will love this steamy novella featuring a strong Alpha hero, a smart, sassy BBW heroine, plenty of action both in and out of the bedroom, and a happily ever after.***