Training Harmony

by Samantha Madisen

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When Harmony finally crawls out of the forest where she's been hiding she finds herself on a beautiful mountain ranch. She soon discovers that it's owned not by one, but two handsome and rugged cowboys.

At first surprised by their advances she quickly comes to realise that marrying the two men may be the only chance she's got at a happiness.

Sam and Nash can hardly believe their luck. The most beautiful creature they've ever laid eyes on just landed right in their lap. They propose to Harmony on the spot, promising her a happy life.

They quickly show her what it will mean to be their bride. A strict and painful correction is followed by the blissful reward of their dominant and skillfull lovemaking. Harmony comes to climax after blushing climax as the men claim her as their own.

After being taken in every way, the two men set to training her for being able to take them both at once.

But trouble comes up from town when Remington, the man Harmony was hiding from, comes poking around demanding the money she stole.

When Remington reveals the secret of their lifestyle to the whole town the three face a tough choice.

Very steamy standalone novella with no cliffhanger and HEA. This book includes BDSM, spanking, anal play and light medical play. If such material offends you, please do not buy this book.