The Ranger's Coming Home: Warrior's Homecoming

by Jamie Bridges

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Jason has been away from home for almost a year now. Fresh out of Basic Training, he was sent over to RASP, to become an elite Army Ranger. Finally, he's given the okay to head home. He's a month of leave before deployment, and he plans to use it.

Massie, Jason's girlfriend, has been preparing her body for his return. After four years of dating throughout high school, she was finally 18, and ready to please the man she's been missing for months now.

Her parents though, aren't thrilled that this trained warrior is coming home. Raised strict and conservative, they've tried the same with their daughter. On the night he walks through their door, they know their daughter is doomed. He looks every bit the warrior he is, and looks twice as hot as that. Kate, Massie's mother, decided to take this situation into her own hands to avoid Kate getting hurt.

What she thinks is a one time thrill, only meant to sate the Ranger on his first day back, becomes a month of lust driven adventures throughout their city.